Comprehensive professional education and training:
AAIFM provides financial and investment education to professionals of all levels, through on-site and online workshops, and skills-based training. Institutional programs include AAIFM's Board of Directors Program, Senior Management Investment Program, and Banking Financial Risk and Treasury Programs. For individuals, AAIFM offers programs in Treasury, Risk and Investment.

Standard-setting testing & certification:
Around the world, AAIFM sets the global standard in investment and financial management certification through the CFC® (Certified Financial Controller), CIM® (Certified Investment Manager), CTM® (Certified Treasury Manager) and CFRP® (Certified Financial Risk Professional), CCCM® (Certified Corporate Control Manager), CBMP® (Certified Bank Management Professional) and CFMA® (Certified Financial Markets Analyst) certifications.

Expert insight and information:
AAIFM offers an unmatched repository of resources and thought leadership surrounding investment and financial management, through news, blogs, and publications such as Investment and Financial Management Magazine and AAIFM News Letters, research, and online resources

Valuable industry networking:
AAIFM provides a wide range of opportunities for investment and financial professionals to connect and collaborate through AAIFM membership and through our conferences, webcasts, chapter meetings, and Career Center.