PROFESSIONAL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT involves the study of the market's direction in relation to the forces acting on the market. Our objective is to reduce risk by being able to detect major shifts in the market's direction and momentum early in the market cycle. By doing so, we attempt to position your investments to benefit from the change or minimize the impact of down markets.

PROFESSIONAL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT provides your portfolio with full time oversight, backed by years of experience in the financial markets and a risk adverse philosophy that seeks to avoid down markets.


Enabling clients to participate in the historically superior returns of the stock market over other investments.
Reducing fluctuation in the value of client accounts.
Lowering the risk of clients suffering a major loss.
Allowing clients to spend less time worrying about their financial assets.

PROFESSIONAL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT is the process of positioning client assets in response to market trends. Our objective is to avoid at least 80% of market declines and participate in at least 80% of the rising markets. If we are successful, our objective is that risk will be greatly reduced and investments will realize higher risk-adjusted returns.