Re-assessing the future of banking

Strategic Management in Banking is addressed to senior bankers, including board members, who want to re-assess the future of banking and strategy in the context of a fast changing environment: the outcome of the global banking crisis, new Basel 3 regulations on capital and liquidity, or opportunities/threats given by information technology.

During the Strategic Management in Banking program you will discuss issues that are specific to the banking industry, such as: options for strategic positioning post global economic crisis; the use of IT and CRM to deepen relationships in both retail and private banking, and asset and liability management, i.e. profit and risk control.

Key Benefits

o Gain expertise in strategic positioning, including the choice of a bank model (specialized or universal, domestic or international).
o Develop new ideas to reach client with new technology and deepen your customer relation.
o Experience, with the help of a simulation, your skills in asset and liability management.