Frequently Asked Question
How can I register for the exam?

Registration for the exam is simple; you need first to register and send us your updated C.V. for review and verification of education requirement and work experience. After the approval you will directed to your nearest testing center for appointed training courses and exam registration.

What are the windows available for the exam?

There are multiple exam windows throughout the year; you can sit once on every assigned window. All candidates have to submit exam application 6 weeks prior to the exam window chosen. Late fee of US$145 applies for late applications.

Do I have to enroll as a member before taking the exam?

No, self study program fees inclusive of entrance registration fee which is paid once. There is no renewal for membership fee or any other charges. Entrance fee and certification fee are paid once and cost US$990 inclusive of the official exam materials.

How can I pay for the exam?

International candidates will simply have to contact nearest authorized testing center for payment and registration. For U.S. and Canada students; you can either send a check enclosed to the exam application or pay by credit card by scanning your application and sending it by e-mail.

How can I maintain my certification?

Re-certification is required every 4 years. You can stay up to date with the profession by accumulating 50 educational hours through continuing education, instruction, on-the-job experience, research and publishing, leadership activities, or membership in a national or international professional organization.

What if I failed the exam?
You can re-apply for the exam in the following window.

I don’t have a bachelor degree but I do fulfill the experience requirement; can I sit for the exam?

You can sit for the exam but you will not receive your certification unless you provide us with your degree documentation or replace it with a 500+ scoring on the GMAT or GRE exam. Impressive and solid work experience relevant to the certification may fit to replace the academic degree in certain instances.

Where do I sit for the exam?

An exam confirmation letter will be send to you prior to the exam appointed date; full information about the exam location, date and time will be mentioned in the authorization letter. Candidates may take the exam at an authorized testing center or at an authorized representative outside the U.S.

How do I study for the exam?

All related materials and official books will be available at the beginning of the training course.

I passed the exam and fulfilled my papers; when do I get my certification?

You will be mailed your certification 4-6 weeks after passing the exam.

What are the required documents I have to bring with me to exam location? Can I bring related materials to the exam along with me?

An identification card shall be present at the time entering the exam location. Calculator and a Pencil are the only things allowed to accompany with you to the exam. No related material to the exam shall be accompanied.

I finished the approved certification training course today; when can I register for the exam? Is there any deadlines?

All candidates have to register and sit for the exam within a period of 12 months after they receive the authorized training.

What's the authorized calculator type for the exams?

There is no particular calculator type or brand for exams. Any type of a non-scientific calculator can be accompanied to the exam site.

I need more information, how can I contact you?

International students have to contact directly registered authorized testing centers in their region for assistance or complaints. U.S. and Canada students can e-mail us or call toll free number available on our website. There is no international number for students residing outside the U.S. and Canada as our regional testing centers around the world are assigned to deal with international students.